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At Alma Forest School, our work is both demanding and rewarding. We are a community rooted in an open, honest exchange of ideas, fostering relationships anchored in shared humanity rather than predefined roles of 'teacher' or 'student'. We strive to make Alma Forest a haven for self-discovery, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning.

To uphold our ethos, we seek individuals who relish being among young learners. Alma Forest isn't the place for those who prefer traditional authority and lecture-based teaching. Instead, our educators interact with students as equals, embracing vulnerability in a setting co-shaped by its young participants.

We value commitment and initiative and encourage applications even if they don't align with current vacancies. When applying, you must share why you wish to join Alma Forest and how you can enhance our community of educators.

Given our school's unique environment, be prepared to embrace the outdoors in all conditions, embark on hikes, camp under the stars, swim in the ocean, and delight in play.

Due to the large number of CVs we receive, we can only contact suitable candidates we would like to interview.


No vacancies at this time.

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