Work With Us

Working at Alma Forest School is demanding and rewarding. As a community of learners we value an open and honest exchange of ideas and build relationships based on a shared humanity, with all its flaws, rather than identities centered around being a ‘teacher’ or ‘student’. As a tribe, we make Alma Forest a home where we can all come to know ourselves better and develop a life-long love of learning and discovery.

In order to maintain this ethos we are always looking for individuals that enjoy being humans among young people and that do not see ‘being a teacher’ as the core of their identity. If you thrive on authority, order and lecturing, Alma Forest is not for you. Teachers at Alma Forest engage with their students on a level of respect and equality and are expected to be vulnerable in a space that is codetermined by the young people in it.

We appreciate commitment and initiative and also welcome applications that may not match any current job openings.


No vacancies at this time.