“The wild world is becoming so remote to children that they miss out – and an interest in the natural world doesn’t grow as it should. Nobody is going to protect the natural world unless they understand it.”


Sir David Attenborough



That each child will thrive in their discovery of self-knowledge, of nature and of modern ingenuity, applying their creativity and imagination as architects of a more resilient, collaborative and interconnected future.


Our mission is to develop innovative, dynamic and natural environments in which children are free to learn, play and reflect, immersed in local ecology, culture and communities.

To observe, guide and support children in coming to know themselves, their connection to nature and connection to the world. Like nature, we recognise that our resilience depends upon the diverse skills and unique qualities of our members.

We offer an education founded upon the principle of reciprocity whereby the entire community; teachers, students, parents and the environment, are understood to be both teachers and learners.

We will provide a strong foundation of academic skills, but also recognise and support the development and value of feeling, sensing and imagining as ways of knowing. In doing so we can sow the seeds of wisdom whilst promoting wellbeing, happiness and virtuosity.